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Three New Goldmines for Job Hunters in 2018

Mitika Sethi Srivastava- December 26, 2017

2017, was a different year in making, rapid technological advances gave birth to new sectors and opportunities. The historical citadel started losing its sheen, and ... Read More

How Can You Build Your Career In Quantum Computing ?

Jappreet Sethi- December 25, 2017

We have seen three industrial revolutions; each industrial revolution has given birth to new sectors. Financial and Transportation industries were created by the first industrial ... Read More

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Great Career Option

Jappreet Sethi- November 26, 2017

BBC has recently reported that up to 800 million would lose their jobs to robotic automation by 2030 and as per McKinsey, this will affect ... Read More

Social Media Is Changing Recruitment

Jappreet Sethi- April 17, 2016

A resume on a job site is an isolated or the best foot forward version of the prospective candidate. By glancing through the openly accessible ... Read More

How To Avoid Getting Duped By Your New Employer

Jappreet Sethi- November 19, 2015

Immediate joining should ring an alarm bell, it a sign that some one just walked out of the job without serving the notice period. In ... Read More

People Analytics: HR’s Chance to be Strategic

Dr. Kuldeep Singh- September 18, 2015

The Human Resource (HR) function?s tryst with data is very old. Ever since the organized way of doing business started, managers have been concerned with ... Read More

Why You Should Work For A Startup

Jappreet Sethi- January 28, 2015

On one hand, is a high-paying job position at a reputed organisation in your choice of field. On another hand, is a job proposal from ... Read More

India Job Market in 2014 & What’s Next in 2015

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Wait and watch policy kept the hiring market subdued in the first quarter of 2014, thereby limiting the increments and bonuses, which were rolled out ... Read More

What is making you miss all the deadlines?

Jappreet Sethi- October 22, 2014

Generating results and timely delivery of assignments are one of the two biggest factors that shape the career of an individual, the room for error ... Read More

How To Succeed As A Freelance Web Designer

Jappreet Sethi- February 18, 2014

Freelancing in web designing is a dream for many professionals with an artistic bent, but this field isn?t just about the talent you have. Successful ... Read More

How To Make A Career In Journalism

Jappreet Sethi- February 10, 2014

The idea of weaving stories through mass media has found a newborn interest in our new generation. People enjoy moving, taking risks and coming up ... Read More

The Makings Of A Great Salesperson

Jappreet Sethi- January 22, 2014

Convincing people to buy things that they?ve never heard of or probably don?t need is not an easy job. While many sales people struggle to ... Read More

How To Make A Successful Career In Social Media Management

Jappreet Sethi- December 30, 2013

Social Media has removed the information?asymmetry?between companies and consumers.In a rapidly changing & increasingly globalized world , organization?s are constantly looking for ways to improve ... Read More

How To Start A New Job

Jappreet Sethi- November 15, 2013

So you managed to land a job after a long struggle and many interviews. You are feeling over the moon and thanking your stars that ... Read More

Job Interview Tips To Make A Brilliant Impression

Jappreet Sethi- September 25, 2013

Here are some basic interview tips that will help you prepare for an excellent interview.?After impressing your potential employer with your CV and cover letter, ... Read More