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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone or Become Obsolete

Jappreet Sethi- August 3, 2015

Your comfort zone is a dangerous place to be, it is where everything is wonderful, everything is familiar, and things are working well. So why ... Read More

Patience Pays In Corporate Life

Jappreet Sethi- March 25, 2015

Impatient people interrupt, finish other people's sentences when they hesitate, ask people to hurry, urge people to finish and get to the point. All these ... Read More

Eleven Ways to Shine In Your Career In 2015

Jappreet Sethi- January 8, 2015

Going by the popular sentiment and all the reports, it seems certain that more jobs will be created in 2015 and newer opportunities will come ... Read More

Career Lessons from Steve Jobs

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Steve could look at things differently and question why was it that way, he always believed in simplifying things and getting the past the usual ... Read More

Career Lessons From Warren Buffet

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Buffet says, ?Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. I won the ovarian lottery the day I was born and ... Read More

How to Find An Awesome Mentor

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Whether you are a newbie or a pro in your profession, having a mentor will definitely help you to propel your career trajectory. A mentor ... Read More

Career Mistakes you need to avoid

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Careers are fragile and small mistakes done repeatedly can chip away any edge that you have built painstakingly. Building a career is like running a ... Read More

What is making you miss all the deadlines?

Jappreet Sethi- October 22, 2014

Generating results and timely delivery of assignments are one of the two biggest factors that shape the career of an individual, the room for error ... Read More

A Career Blooper Is Not “The End”

Jappreet Sethi- October 22, 2014

Career bloopers can come in many colors, may be you have been passed over for a promotion, you have been moved out of the most ... Read More

What Do Millennials Want From Their Careers

Jappreet Sethi- April 26, 2014

Those born between the 1980?s and 2000 are considered Millennials, and they seem to have developed specific characteristics - from the way they live with ... Read More

6 Things Which Will Improve Your Peer Level Relationships.

Jappreet Sethi- April 16, 2014

Natural competition between work groups, driven by narrowly focused departmental goals and strengthened by reward systems that promote silos, make it tough for employees to ... Read More

How To Create A Strong Online Brand For Yourself

Jappreet Sethi- March 13, 2014

Personal branding is all about creating your own reputation. It targets people who judge you by your online profile and on whom you want to ... Read More

How To Succeed As A Freelance Web Designer

Jappreet Sethi- February 18, 2014

Freelancing in web designing is a dream for many professionals with an artistic bent, but this field isn?t just about the talent you have. Successful ... Read More

How To Start A New Job

Jappreet Sethi- November 15, 2013

So you managed to land a job after a long struggle and many interviews. You are feeling over the moon and thanking your stars that ... Read More

How To Write A Good Cover Letter For Job Applications

Jappreet Sethi- October 7, 2013

Writing an effective cover letter for a job application is a key ingredient for potential success. A well-crafted cover letter makes a lot of difference ... Read More