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Job Interview Tips To Make A Brilliant Impression

Jappreet Sethi- September 25, 2013

Here are some basic interview tips that will help you prepare for an excellent interview.?After impressing your potential employer with your CV and cover letter, ... Read More

How To Be Happy In Life And Career – The Zen Way

Jappreet Sethi- July 26, 2013

Can you be happy in life and career at the same time; in today?s world it seems impossible, You are no different than others.?Bronnie?Ware an ... Read More

Five Leadership Tips for Women in Organizations

Jappreet Sethi- July 14, 2013

"Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder," writes Sheryl Sandberg in her new book, "Lean In" which prompts women to take up leadership roles ... Read More

How To Fast Track Your Career

Jappreet Sethi- July 2, 2013

It is the goal of every young professional starting his or her career to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible.However, only a few ... Read More

Three Things Bill Gates Has Learned From Warren Buffett

Jappreet Sethi- June 26, 2013

Last month, I went to Omaha for the annual?Berkshire Hathaway?shareholders meeting. It?s always a lot of fun, and not just because of the ping-pong matches ... Read More

Three Salary Negotiation Techniques That Work

Jappreet Sethi- January 24, 2013

The recession has forced thousands of professionals to forego salary increases in order to keep their jobs. Now with recovery underway and indications of hiring ... Read More

How To Be Your Company’s Next Rising Star

Jappreet Sethi- January 13, 2013

You may often have asked yourself, ?How do I get on my company?s rising star list??. This article gives you practical tips to navigate your ... Read More

How To Prepare For Job Interview

Jappreet Sethi- October 31, 2012

I?ve written previously about the need to prepare for interviews. Many jobseekers throw themselves into the beginning part of the job search ? preparing a ... Read More

How To Build a Successful Career Even if You aren’t from an Ivy League School

Jappreet Sethi- October 21, 2012

One of my favorite leaders, a guy who is enormously successful and likable, has built thriving businesses, and is deeply ?followable,? revealed to me some ... Read More

What are the Career Options in HR

Jappreet Sethi- October 19, 2012

HR is not just about liking people.?HR?isn't?the job for you if you?re not a ?people?person?, but liking people won?t be enough on?its own. More precisely, ... Read More

9 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Resume

Jappreet Sethi- September 30, 2012

Here are 9 of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your resume, not?correcting?them will instantly make your resume appear antiquated: The One-Page Rule Don?t spend ... Read More

How To Be Successful Like Richard Branson

Jappreet Sethi- September 18, 2012

Richard Branson founded Virgin in 1970 at the age of 20, and he hasn?t looked back. He?s the only entrepreneur to have built eight separate ... Read More

Job Hunting After Retirement

Jappreet Sethi- September 2, 2012

There are many reasons people look for work after they have retired. Perhaps you are feeling the pinch (there is no doubt the cost of ... Read More

Failure is an opinion not Reality – Story of 360 million web hits -Susan Boyle

Jappreet Sethi- August 15, 2012

How long can you dance to someone else?s tune, it?s time that you try dancing to your own tune. Go through the records of most ... Read More

The Top 35 Online MBA Programs

Jappreet Sethi- August 15, 2012

The ?2011 GMAC Application Trends Survey reports overall MBA applications are still on the decline, a trend that began in 2009. Over half of participating ... Read More