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How To Receive Feedback Constructively To Grow In Your Career

Jappreet Sethi- May 12, 2018

Mostly we mistake this ability as a sign of weakness, nothing can be further from the truth. Ability to receive feedback constructively is a sign ... Read More

Career Lessons from Steve Jobs

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Steve could look at things differently and question why was it that way, he always believed in simplifying things and getting the past the usual ... Read More

Career Lessons From Warren Buffet

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Buffet says, ?Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. I won the ovarian lottery the day I was born and ... Read More

How to Find An Awesome Mentor

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Whether you are a newbie or a pro in your profession, having a mentor will definitely help you to propel your career trajectory. A mentor ... Read More

Career Mistakes you need to avoid

Jappreet Sethi- January 4, 2015

Careers are fragile and small mistakes done repeatedly can chip away any edge that you have built painstakingly. Building a career is like running a ... Read More

How To Succeed As A Freelance Web Designer

Jappreet Sethi- February 18, 2014

Freelancing in web designing is a dream for many professionals with an artistic bent, but this field isn?t just about the talent you have. Successful ... Read More

How To Make A Career In Journalism

Jappreet Sethi- February 10, 2014

The idea of weaving stories through mass media has found a newborn interest in our new generation. People enjoy moving, taking risks and coming up ... Read More

Three Things Bill Gates Has Learned From Warren Buffett

Jappreet Sethi- June 26, 2013

Last month, I went to Omaha for the annual?Berkshire Hathaway?shareholders meeting. It?s always a lot of fun, and not just because of the ping-pong matches ... Read More

Three Salary Negotiation Techniques That Work

Jappreet Sethi- January 24, 2013

The recession has forced thousands of professionals to forego salary increases in order to keep their jobs. Now with recovery underway and indications of hiring ... Read More

How to Find a Job During Economic Crisis

Jappreet Sethi- January 12, 2013

It is not simple to find a good job with high salary especially during the economic crisis. Strong competition in job market forces job seekers ... Read More

9 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Resume

Jappreet Sethi- September 30, 2012

Here are 9 of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your resume, not?correcting?them will instantly make your resume appear antiquated: The One-Page Rule Don?t spend ... Read More

My 30 years in HR: 10 lessons learned

Jappreet Sethi- August 29, 2012

On July 1, 2012, I worked 30 years in HR. What did I learn?   Most people have no clue what??people in HR actually do ... Read More

Neil Armstrong – 5 Lessons From His Life

Jappreet Sethi- August 26, 2012

?That?s one small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind.? Neil Armstrong has finished his current inning on Earth for the time being; ... Read More

What Successful People Do In The 1st Hour Of Their Work Day

Jappreet Sethi- August 24, 2012

How much does the first hour of every day matter? As it turns out, a lot. It can be the hour you see everything clearly, ... Read More

The Top 35 Online MBA Programs

Jappreet Sethi- August 15, 2012

The ?2011 GMAC Application Trends Survey reports overall MBA applications are still on the decline, a trend that began in 2009. Over half of participating ... Read More