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How To Get A New Job next year

Jappreet Sethi- December 20, 2012

With the onset of the holidays and a brand new year just around the corner, along come the traditional resolutions. I will lose XXkgs, I ... Read More

Time To Have Human Back in Human Resources

Jappreet Sethi- October 26, 2012

"Human Resources." When it comes to your career, those two words will ultimately influence whether you are hired or fired, have to relocate your family ... Read More

What are the Career Options in HR

Jappreet Sethi- October 19, 2012

HR is not just about liking people.?HR?isn't?the job for you if you?re not a ?people?person?, but liking people won?t be enough on?its own. More precisely, ... Read More

9 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Resume

Jappreet Sethi- September 30, 2012

Here are 9 of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your resume, not?correcting?them will instantly make your resume appear antiquated: The One-Page Rule Don?t spend ... Read More

Top 10 HR Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

Jappreet Sethi- September 26, 2012

These are top 10 HR interview questions and will help you in preparing for the interview. when responding to HR interview questions keep your answers ... Read More

Five Questions Great Candidates Ask in a Job Interview

Jappreet Sethi- September 16, 2012

Many of the questions potential new hires ask are throwaways ; But not these five questions which great candidates ask in a job interview. Be ... Read More

10 Salary Negotiation Mistakes To Avoid

Jappreet Sethi- September 8, 2012

The truth is that knowing salary negotiation tactics -- and avoiding salary negotiation landmines -- are key to obtaining the job offer you seek and ... Read More

Ten Things Your HR Head Should Be Doing Now

Jappreet Sethi- August 25, 2012

If you ask a CEO ?What does your HR leader do?? he or she is likely to say: ?You got me. I just know I ... Read More

Why You May Hate Performance Reviews

Jappreet Sethi- November 17, 2011

Performance feedback and review is part and parcel of the life of someone in a managerial role. Poorly handled reviews lead to low morale and ... Read More

Psychology As A Life And Career Tool

Jappreet Sethi- August 14, 2011

For many centuries, the study of human thought and emotion was not considered a very fruitful pursuit. Not that it hasn?t fascinated many people down ... Read More

Tips On How to Handle Workplace Conflicts In Style

Jappreet Sethi- July 18, 2011

There is nobody who has not had problems at work, and these problems invariably involve one?s supervisor, co-workers or even boss. Workplace conflicts are common ... Read More

How To Get Yourself Noticed At Work

Jappreet Sethi- July 11, 2011

Has your talent; potential and resourcefulness on the?job?gone unnoticed while those of others have been rewarded? Have others of equal experience risen on the corporate ... Read More

Tips To Build Your Resume

Jappreet Sethi- July 4, 2011

Do you feel that your present job is going nowhere? Do you yearn to spread your wings and soar higher in your career? The way ... Read More

How to Get Promoted Without Asking

Jappreet Sethi- June 27, 2011

It is time to rise in the ranks in your company, and you are convinced that you deserve a promotion. You could always ask for ... Read More

Asked to Relocate? What To Ask Your Employer

Jappreet Sethi- June 20, 2011

Have you been asked by your employer to relocate? If so, you are in a situation which an increasing number of employees are finding themselves ... Read More