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Most Difficult HR Interview Questions and Answers

Jappreet Sethi- December 25, 2019

Getting past HR interview and getting that job offer is not easy, here is a list of most difficult or tough HR interview questions. Tell ... Read More

How to Answer HR Interview Questions on Written Communication

Jappreet Sethi- December 25, 2019

Here are expert tips and pointers on how to best answer HR Interview questions on written communication. Along with being well-versed with other skills, written ... Read More

HR Interview Questions and Answers on Being Political Savvy

Jappreet Sethi- December 25, 2019

Here are the HR interview questions and answers on being political savvy, it is a deep understanding of what other people need. Basically, it is ... Read More

HR Interview Questions and Answers on Drive for Results

Jappreet Sethi- December 1, 2019

Having a drive for results means that you have the traits and attributes to be counted on, and to exceed goals successfully. You are amongst ... Read More

100 Plus HR Interview Questions & Answers For Top MNC

Jappreet Sethi- November 13, 2019

Are you attending a job interview and  you are worried on how to give a good answer to an HR Interview question. This is the ... Read More

Are You Suffering From The Fear of Being Sacked?

Jappreet Sethi- November 11, 2019

The fear of being sacked in an economy that seems to be slow and almost on recession mode is quite natural. A lot of people ... Read More

Moving To a Six Day Work Week, How To Balance?

Jappreet Sethi- November 7, 2019

With economies around the world sagging, your company may be moving to a six day work week, how can you balance work and chores? While ... Read More

How to build your LinkedIn visibility for career growth?

Jappreet Sethi- November 2, 2019

LinkedIn has changed the way recruiters find candidates, in case you have not, starting now, you should build LinkedIn visibility for career growth. There was ... Read More

How to Survive & Benefit From a Market Slowdown

Jappreet Sethi- November 2, 2019

You can survive and even benefit from the market slowdown, if you follow the time tested principles. A market slowdown may come with or without ... Read More

Being Positive, When the Industry Is Not Doing Good

Jappreet Sethi- November 2, 2019

Being positive, when the industry is not doing good is a challenge. It can be emotionally draining to work in an industry or even workplace ... Read More

How To Buck the Slowdown and Get a Pay Raise?

Jappreet Sethi- November 1, 2019

Can you defy the gravity and buck the slowdown and get a pay raise, yes you may be able to do it, if you play ... Read More

Caught in a cross-departmental fight of managers, how to safeguard yourself?

Jappreet Sethi- October 23, 2019

With increased pressure on margins and slowing growth rate, its common to be caught in a cross-departmental fight of managers. Imagine that, you are in ... Read More

What should you eat for lunch at office to avoid sluggishness?

Jappreet Sethi- October 22, 2019

Lunch at office is something everyone looks forward to — not only in terms of nutrition but for foodies, it is much more than just ... Read More

Your team members see you as arrogant; however you are being direct – What to do?

Jappreet Sethi- October 18, 2019

Do your team members see you as arrogant? There’s a very thin line between being direct and being arrogant. Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that ... Read More

Your colleagues are getting sacked, how to avoid the negativity spiral

Jappreet Sethi- October 14, 2019

The economic slowdown is getting evident and, your colleagues are getting sacked, and it is rather natural that you are feeling the same negativity too. ... Read More