A Career Blooper Is Not “The End”


Career bloopers can come in many colors, may be you have been passed over for a promotion, you have been moved out of the most prestigious project the company is working on, or you have been disciplined and it has been put on your personal file by HR. If you are facing a hard time in your job or have gone through a tough time in the recent past, trust me you are not the only one. Most of us would have faced career disappointment at one time or another in our career. Steve Jobs was fired from his job at the age of 27, from the company that he had founded. After an initial period of recluse, Steve went on to do path-breaking work at Next Computers and Pixar.

History points out that, it does not matter how successful you happen to be, there will always be dark and gory moments in life and career, and your ability to see it in the right perspective is what helps you bounce back and achieve even greater heights. Most of the career bloopers are generally unpredictable events that cannot be avoided in an individual?s career plan. These tips will help you rebound quickly and paint your life bright. After the initial shock, the first thing to do is to work through emotional responses such as anger, disappointment and sadness. Vent out to your close friends; don?t suppress these emotional responses, as they are a part of the psychological coping process. At the same time don?t let them take over your psyche and fill you with negativity.

Rajiv Singh (name changed), Deputy Managing Director of a large US MNC was denied a promotion and he was told that the company is bringing someone from outside to do his role; they offered another position to him in a different location. Rajiv was frozen, as he had no clue about this and was seething with anger, he controlled himself and came to terms with the reality. As a piece of advice, Rajiv says ? What is done cannot be undone, so its better to move on and do what will help you build your future, no point in name calling or being in gloom. It?s important to recover your composure before deciding on the next steps, give yourself time to regroup so that you don?t take any knee jerk reactions.” At times career setback may come at the most inappropriate time, you may be the only bread winner of the family and lo behold the company has decided to trim its staff. The world would come crashing on you, you don?t have any savings and credit card is already breaking its boundaries. It is normal for these thoughts to cross your mind.

Alfred (name changed) a COO with an Indian real estate developer was one of the many to face the brunt in the 2009 downturn; he had lived his life to the hilt with parties and lavish lifestyle as key motivators. He was numb after hearing the decision to lay him off. Alfred says, ? It?s like being run over by a truck and feeling completely flattened out, nevertheless go back to your family make quick changes and draw a 90 day plan to combat the crisis.? Alfred took 6 months to find a job and he says he survived through by picking up odd freelancing assignments. The worst thing to do is to become a symbol of pity and expect that the world will help you in overcoming the crisis, that my dear friend is not going to happen, rather you would become a symbol of mockery and a butt of jokes; which would further erode your confidence. Even when situation seems to be out of your control, keep in mind that you still have the power to decide next steps and take action. Instead of seeing yourself as a helpless victim of circumstance, it is better to take a proactive approach to resolving the problem.

Antony Singh (name changed) who was disciplined after the investigation committee found him guilty of overburdening employees and being harsh to them , he had a tough time in his career as he morale was hurt and he believes he was misunderstood as he was only trying to coach people in his own way. He says ? Follow the example of people you admire who seem to take these kind of situations as a challenge to overcome. How did they react when they faced a personal crisis? Evaluating these positive responses can help you bounce back quickly.?

Career bloopers and disappointments are tough learning experiences, you can turn the tide into your favor by showing resilience and will power to overcome the situation, no matter how tough it gets.


Jappreet Sethi


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