How To Achieve Every Goal You Set


Creating goals is not incredibly difficult; in fact anyone can do it, although unfortunately, not enough people do it.? The real game starts after you have set your goals and it tests your energy, enthusiasm and your resolve to make it happen.

After you have set your goals, following this three-step process can help you in achieving what you are aiming for. This process involves asking your self three questions, if you can give sufficiently detailed answers for each one, then you are on track to create a detailed implementation plan. Working with the plan, will give you a map to follow, things will become real and if you work your way through it, you have high chances of achieving the results. The three steps are:

What do you want?

Your answer should contain as much detail as possible, describing the results you want to see and how that will affect you and others around you. Also include, how you will feel as a result of achieving this.? Its important to have ammunition by your side during the journey, write down the things or resources you will need to maintain the victory you want to achieve. Does your goal attainment create an ongoing need? For example, to buy a car you must be able to afford to run a car; to have a high-powered job with responsibility and status, you must be able to deal with the stress and long working hours that come with it.

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By when?

Give yourself some sort of a deadline, If you belong to the tribe that leaves things to the last minute, break things down into stages and set mini deadlines. It is important that you are not rushing through task every time; it builds up stress and leaves you exhausted. It is the journey that you need to enjoy, spread out your goals. Smell the roses and sit in the sun along the way, enjoy the process.

How do you get it?

The last step of the process is to marshal all the resources at your disposal to achieve the goal. At times in order to achieve what you want, you may need to modify your habits, behavior or thinking style. So consider carefully what are the things that you need to do differently to achieve your dream goal.? This is one of the toughest parts of the journey and more than 90 % of goal setters derail in this part.

Keep on reminding your self that setting the goals is like the start of a hurdle race, you still need to run and successfully cross all the hurdles and that too before others, who are competing with you. During the journey, don?t get swayed by other ideas that are bound to crop up in your thoughts. Finish one goal and then pick another one, having multiple goals and spreading your time and energy too thin is not a good idea.

Jappreet Sethi


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